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02 August 2010 @ 12:05 am
sudden hunger to write.  

there's a sudden urge to get back to blogging. probably just need an avenue to put my thoughts down into words. realized that i haven't been writing for a long long time because of the holidays. things have been pretty exciting the past few months.

1. had a photoshoot for CAC Cynosure ball. interesting experience.
2. just came back from CAC FOC where my freshies are super super high and adorable. i  miss them!
3. upcoming trainings for CAC Cynosure Ball.
4. long awaited trip with my 2 bffs to BKK in 11 days time!

on a side note, i can't wait for school to start. i think i miss studying and my geog ppl. =(

there, my hunger is satiated. though i know it's not much words but still more than usual.
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